Six Simple Steps to Sell Your Home Quickly

The housing market continues to be shaky with existing home sales that rise one month and fall the next.  If you are trying to sell a home at this time, it can be both frustrating and discouraging.

There are some steps; however, you can take to ensure that your house is the one a buyer chooses over all the other houses in your area.  Below are six simple steps you can to get organized and be able to sell your home quickly.

Price it Right – With foreclosures, short sales and motivated sellers, the prices of homes in most areas in the US are at an all time low.  And while your home doesn’t have to be the lowest priced, it must remain competitive with other houses in your area.  Make sure your home’s listing price is comparable to other homes on the market or buyers won’t even look at your home.  If buyers don’t look at it, then buyers can’t buy it.

Create Curb Appeal – The buyer’s first impression is a lasting one.  Create a warm welcome for potential buyers by improving the appearance of the yard and front entrance to the home.  Remove anything that would distract the buyer from wanting to make this house their home.  Clean, repair and replace anything that needs it.  Mow the yard, rake the leaves, trim the hedges, pressure wash the driveway, and clean or paint the front door. These simple and inexpensive tasks will greatly improve your home’s curb appeal.

Make Your House Larger – No, you don’t have to add an addition to your home.  You can make your house appear larger simply by removing everything you don’t absolutely need right now.  By decreasing the amount of furniture, décor and clutter, you allow the buyer to see the home, not your possessions.  Experts suggest removing 25% of the furniture and 50% of your possessions to create a cleaner, more spacious appearance.

You are planning on moving anyway, so why not pack the items you don’t need to have access to for the next few months and store them in an off-site storage unit.

Repair it now – A house in need of small repairs signals to the buyer that larger repairs may also be needed. Doors that don’t properly close, cracks in walls, showers that need re-caulking and cabinet drawers that don’t open or close smoothly are examples of things that buyers will notice. Make any needed repairs now, before the buyer has a chance to notice them.

Clean, Clean and Clean!  Make your home sparkle by doing a thorough spring cleaning.  While you can do it yourself, it is better to leave this to the professionals.  They will clean the home from floor to ceiling.  This truly makes all the difference in the appearance of your home.  And once your home has been cleaned, consider hiring a cleaning company to come in each week to keep it that way.

Decorate Your Home for the Buyer – Decorate your home like a model home by creating clean, open spaces with a few finishing touches.  Keep it simple.  Remember that you want the prospective buyer to picture themselves living there, so prepare your home to sell by decorating with the buyer in mind.

Preparing your home to sell takes a little extra time and money but the results can make the difference in whether a home sells quickly or stays on the market.  Follow the above steps and you can look forward to seeing that ‘sold’ sign in your yard in no time!

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