Anti-Aging Skin Care Strategies

Every single one of us has looked in the mirror at some point and thought, “Wow, that is not what I was expecting.” While there may be times that you then pat yourself on the back for looking better than usual, the hard truth is that far more often that “wow” sentiment is accompanied by something to the effect of “I look rough.” Fortunately, with a little moisturizer, foundation and bronzer, most women can work miracles, continuing on throughout the day without dreading the next encounter with their reflection. However, this “quick fix” is a temporary one, and once the cosmetics are removed you may once more find yourself confronting a visage that you would prefer to not put on display.

Let’s be clear: often our perceptions of ourselves and our looks are largely in our heads. An objective observer is pretty unlikely in most cases to agree with your harsh rating of yourself. However, your personal perception of yourself plays a major role in your confidence and your daily behavior. This makes it vitally important that you are taking the steps necessary to keep yourself looking and feeling healthy and attractive.

One of the biggest problem areas for women and men in terms of perceived and actual beauty is physical aging. Over time, your skin succumbs to the daily ravages of gravity, weather and your own facial expressions to create lines, wrinkles, furrows and discolorations. Your face, probably the most active part of your body, is particularly prone to these issues and also is the first part of you that most people notice. As a result, keeping your facial skin smooth and intact is very important to keeping yourself looking youthful and attractive.

While you have probably heard of wrinkle cream products that promise  to turn back the clock, there are also some simple things you can do to literally stop wrinkles in their tracks. Even better, most of them will not cost you a thing. Taking care of your skin the right way will save you tremendous time, energy and money later on in life. Follow these three simple guidelines for anti-aging, anti-wrinkle skin care that will literally stop wrinkles in their tracks.

First, you need to adjust your daily skin care behavior. Most of us assume that a basic washing in the morning and at night is adequate for daily skin care. When you’re sixteen, you’re probably right! However, as we age our skin becomes more delicate and it is less likely to “bounce back” from the daily grind if we do not give it a little extra help and protection. Always apply sun block to your face or use cosmetics with a minimum SPF 15 incorporated in them. Do not forget your lips. You need an SPF 15 or stronger lip gloss to keep them from burning. Also, while it may not feel like skin care, you need to drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water each day in order to keep your skin hydrated. Skin that is not getting enough water internally is more likely to sag, rip, tear and wrinkle.

In addition to drinking plenty of water, you will need to insure that you are implementing proper skin care nutrition. This means that you need to eat healthy in order to maintain healthy skin. Citrus fruits, which are high in vitamin C, spinach, milk and sweet potatoes, which are high in vitamin A, and cereals, nuts and tomato products, which are all high in vitamin E will give your skin the “power from within” to ward off wrinkles. Also make sure that you are getting plenty of omega 3 fatty acids, an essential nutrient found in fatty fish like salmon, to prevent breakouts and even fight off skin cancer.

When it comes to the last step in the wrinkle-prevention process, you are going to have to break out your wallet. While most skin care issues are largely behavioral, to truly reap the benefits of all your good behavior, you simply must have a good topical skin care regimen. This means that you need to find the best wrinkle cream along with an effective, age-appropriate moisturizer and skin care regimen. Fortunately, many manufacturers have realized that most women have neither the time nor the inclination for the hour-long, spa-level beauty routines that have been so popular in the past. Most truly effective skin care products take a minimum  of time to apply and frequently “multitask” by containing a strong, effective moisturizer, SPF for daytime creams, vitamins and minerals for external skin health and a variety of botanical extracts and oils to keep skin firm, healthy and resilient. Remember, when it comes to your skin, an ounce of prevention in a small crystal jar or clinical tube is literally worth pounds and pounds of potentially expensive and painful cosmetic cures.

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