Two Medical Careers That Are Definitely Worth a Look

While many careers aren’t as profitable or rewarding as they used to be, some are actually predicted to get better over the coming years. Those two are nurse practitioner and dental assistant.

Let’s begin with dental assisting. One of the reasons why dental assisting is growing so rapidly is because it’s a long lasting and rewarding career. Also, the education requirements aren’t very steep.

Most people that decide to become dental assistants usually attend some type of online dental assistant school. But, in some U.S. states, you can become a dental assistant with nothing more than a high school diploma!

Another reason why this career is expected to last a long time is because as long as there are dentists, there will be dental assistants. After all dentists need someone to clean their tools, help prepare patients and work the front desk. A fun specialty to consider is pediatric dentistry.

Those that are prepared for a lot of education should definitely keep an eye on the nurse practitioner career. Nurse practitioners are some of the highest paid nurses in the world. And while nurse practitioners definitely have a long and rewarding career, the nurse practitioner education requirements are quite steep compared to other careers.

How steep you ask? Think doctorate degree. As you can imagine it isn’t a career for people that aren’t committed. But, for people that are, it’s definitely a good choice. It’s been shown that some nurse practitioners make upwards of $115,000 per year! But, believe it or not, that isn’t the most interesting thing we found out.

Unlike any other nurses, nurse practitioners have the ability to work without the supervision of an MD. The interesting thing about that is that a nurse practitioner can serve as a person’s primary healthcare provider. And that leads to the most interesting point of all, private practices. Yep, that’s right. Nurse practitioners have the ability to open their very own practice if they desire.

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